As a man who’s very interested in getting ripped for this summer, I’m always looking for the most cutting edge supplements which can help me attain my goal. That’s why I’ve been looking into this stuff called “IGF-1”. It comes in a spray form as well as tablets, but I think the spray form probably works better since you spray it under your tongue where it gets absorbed extremely quickly.

I haven’t actually given it a try yet, but I just placed an order through amazon (I ordered it from the store on the site I linked to above) so I’m eagerly awaiting for it to arrive. The reviews looked pretty good, but as you know it’s always hard to tell whether or not those reviews are real or fake (paid). Some of the claims made seem too good to be true, and I’m a pretty skeptical guy myself, but I’ll give it a go anyways and see what happens. Gotta try everything once!

Except meth. Meth is bad.